Sunday, December 13, 2009

Do men like kissing lips with lipstick or without?

..lipstick is great to look at, especially if the woman knows how to use it properly. but do men like the taste of lipstick?Do men like kissing lips with lipstick or without?
without,... some are tasteless, but have an aftertaste that affects the enjoyment of a kiss. Then there is the issue of the resiudue, leaving smears and streaks that is often difficult to remove once you realize it is there.

Apparently some females put it on too thickly, in excess. Its supposed to accentuate and highlight a womans' features to compliment her appearance. To make her look be a good look. That it imparts an allure.

But unfortunately not all females understand this concept.

Its a fine line that is often trampled by over kill.

But part of the problem is that there is so many combinations with so many colours and styles. There are also no one kind of face, everyone is different in some way, that experimenting goes on and on. You won't know if you've found the look that perfectly compliments you, because even friends don't really need the competition, whether you both want the same guy or if you're married, subconsciously even your best friend may not be entirely honest with you.

Though what appeals to you, may not appeal to someone else.Do men like kissing lips with lipstick or without?
no, thank you - I'm not as naughty as some of you guys (and ladies) sometimes think I am. I have my moments, and no I'm not a little kid either. ** even though I don't look my age - lol ! Report Abuse

men will kiss anything. depends on ur guy..
My guy isn't too fond of lipstick but likes it when I wear lip gloss. Less mess and tastes better (the flavored ones).
doesn't matter
my bf doesnt mind, i alwayz wear lipgloss!
Without it taste so bad
men likes lips not lipstic
At least I like with lipstick cause I love the taste of it
every guy I talked to says without...but few say thing is trial and error
i don't think it matters as long as the girl knows how to kiss!! i like a dep passionate kiss with lots of tongue sucking %26amp; lip biting!!
no matter
If they are natural,,with nice smell..and they dont splash all over faces..WHY
i hate lipstick
depends if its flavored or not.. or if it comes off or not.. :)
It all depends on sitauation.
we like both, but in some cases without is better
I would like to kiss you??? would you like to have fun with me. I am very hot and despirate to have sex with you darling
use lipgloss cause it's slipperry
lipstick really ruins a good's too greasy...without it is better...a little gloss is fine...anything more sucks..
Depends on if they r cheating r not.

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